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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Smoking ban in bars and restaurants

Spain's smoke-filled bars, corner cafes and restaurants are on the verge of extinction after lawmakers yesterday approved a tough new anti-smoking law that will rid the country of its reputation  as one of Western Europe's easiest places to light up.
From January 2, the interiors of all bars and restaurants will be transformed into no-smoking zones, bringing Spain in line with the European Union's strictest anti-smoking nations. The law will make Spain a tougher place to smoke than EU countries where bars and restaurants are still allowed to have smoking sections.  Bar and cafe owners will now lose the  privilege of deciding whether  to allow smoking or not,  and larger restaurants that have separate smoking sections will have to get rid of them.
Smokers will still be allowed to light up on open-air terraces, which many Spanish bars have, often setting up tables and chairs on the pavement.

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