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Friday, 22 April 2011

Will your taxi transfer be there when you land?

Flight booked - tick; Hotel confirmed - tick; Taxi transfer booked - tick ... or so you think ! As you walk through the arrivals hall will your pre-booked taxi be there?

An online airport taxi transfer company "Taxi Transfers.Co.UK" based in the UK is about to cease trading but has sold future bookings leaving suppliers thousands of pounds out of pocket.  With effect from 5.01pm GMT yesterday, Thursday 21st April 2011, Taxi Transfers Ltd was placed into liquidation. More info at http://travelweekly.co.uk/Articles/2011/04/21/36910/taxi-transfers-sell-off-leaves-suppliers-out-of-pocket.html

"Taxi Transfers.Co.UK" were only a booking agent. They would take a booking say for a transfer from Alicante airport to your resort in Benidorm, take payment from you the client and pass on that booking to a "local firm". So to all intents and purposes you are confident that your taxi will be there to meet you when you arrive at your destination.
One owner of an Alicante based transport company is owed 13.000€ by "Taxi Transfers.Co.UK". "You take the bookings on trust that you will be paid at the end of the month - the customer is not at fault as they have paid their money". Jacqui Birch of Angel 25 Tour, an established transport company is left very angry. We had instances where disabled passengers were arriving at Alicante for their transfers "safe" in the knowledge that they had a taxi booked. As a responsible company we honoured those bookings even though we suspected we weren't going to be paid. How could we leave them? The transfer is the first thing clients see when they land on foreign soil; if the transfer goes wrong it makes a bad impression. Other "less conscientious" companies may have left passengers to their own devises once they suspected that they would not be paid.

"Taxi Transfers.Co.UK" have not yet appointed liquidators but have sold its website and bookings to another company called "Cabfind" - the new company has said it is not liable for "Taxi Transfer.Co.Uk" debts - but will be responsible for all foward bookings and payments made from the time they bought the assets of "Taxi Transfers.Co.Uk". Former managing director Mark Sutton of "Taxi Transfers.Co.UK" has been employed by the new company "Cabfind" and even all 7 staff have been retained, even though "Taxi Transfers.Co.UK" was set up as part of another company called "Freedom Direct" which failed back in 2009 ! This is perfectly legal ..... it reminds me of cowboy builders whereby you can run up debts one day, go into liquidation yet the next day set up again trading under a different name and not be liable!

So a word of warning to those of you about to book that transfer. The safest option is to use an established company based AT the destination such as "Alicante Private Transfers" http://alicanteprivatetransfers.com/

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