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Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Medieval evening in Benidorm.

Go back in time to the 14th Century;  for an unforgettable night full of suprises suitable for the entire family. Be transported to the Medieval times at the "Desafio Medieval" located within the Medieval complex "Magic Excalibur" on the Benidorm to Albir Road (No 10 bus passes for those with no car) for a dinner and show like no other. The show, which is on every Friday & Saturday, begins at 21.00 with people arriving from about 19.00 to take their seats. You are served a medieval meal consisting of soup, chicken, ribs, potatos - all eaten medieval style with your fingers ... apart from the soup of course!!!! Drinks are included - sangria, beer and soft drinks and ice cream for dessert.

 The knights on horseback entertain the crowds during the meal with displays, contests and challenges ... the crowds are either in the green zone or red zone and support their respectively coloured knight. The show runs for 1.5 hours and you will be captivated and mesmerized with authenticity of the entertainment. 
So you can add Medieval Night to your list of "Things to do" whilst in Benidorm and the surrounding area.
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