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Friday, 3 June 2011

Suprise works already at Albir Market site.

Having waited for years for the municipal carpark to be tarmaced and  for the Sunday market to open I was somewhat astonished to see that less than 6 months after opening heavy construction machinery is already digging parts up! Vast areas have been sinking and causing accidents whereby people have been tripping up. On close inspection it is not suprising to see why ..... has there been a tarmac shortage in Spain ?
 I have spread butter on my toast thicker than what I saw !

They have scrapped away areas of tarmac and re-levelled the hardcore base - but around the perimeter they have excavated the soft infill and are replacing it with heavy duty hardcore. Maybe the council should have waited before they had enough money to do the job properly .... but then the elections were looming hence the rapid work to show "progress"! I wonder how long these new underground bins will last before they start to sink - half of Alfaz and Albir have been dug up to accomodate them.
I assume that maximum effort is being exerted in order for the market to open as usual on Sunday - especially with the influx of visitors over the half term break. We'll see ..... answers on a postcard!

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