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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ryanair joins the pack.

Pre-book your seat for "only" 10€
As from 10th January 2012, Ryanair - which by now you have probably realized is my favorite airline - will be introducing reserved seating on ALL routes following a "successful and popular trial on over 100 routes over the summer". Well it certainly wasn't available on either the Gatwick or Manchester to Alicante routes which are very popular so I wonder which of the routes they were tried on! However, as to be expected this is not a free service. This pre-bookable service, available from 10th January will cost 10€ per journey and include priority boarding. I tried it today for a date travelling in mid Jan but it does not give the option even though the date tried is after the introduction of the service.
Being one of the first off the plane
The facility allows passengers to pre-reserve seats in the front two rows, for prompt exit on arrival or over the wings (rows 16 & 17) which provide extra legroom. This gives a total of 24 available seats per flight. Passengers  under the age of 16 will not be allowed in the front row due to safety restrictions. Ryanair will still continue to offer its Priority Boarding Service for 5€.
It looks like airlines are slowly going back to how flying use to be .... British Airways have re-introduced "all in fares" which includes seat allocation and  hold luggage, Monarch you can pre-book your seats, Easyjet to also join the gang ... now even Ryanair are following suit. Whatever next - stewardesses that are smiling and helpful !!!!

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