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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Scooter hire in Benidorm

Row of shiny 50cc scooters
Driving along the Calle Lepanto yesterday, at the Avd Europa end I waited in a traffic jam - yes in August we even get them in Benidorm and noticed a line of shiny scooters all lined up outside a shop. Being the curious person that I am, I pulled up on the zig zag line like everyone else does, put my hazard lights on and went inside.

The shop is called "The Scooter Company" and I spoke to the owner Jurgen (to us Brits thats George) who is Dutch but speaks perfect English.

He has an entire new fleet of scooters which you can hire by the day, week or even longer. At present he has twenty six 50cc scooters and thirty 125cc ones - but is waiting for delivery of another two hundred!

Stash of helmets - including pink ones!
The current "high season" rates are 30 euros per day up until mid September, but then they will come down - obviously the longer the hire period the cheaper it becomes. Included in the hire price is a helmet, insurance, lock and road side assistance.... and there is no mileage limitation.

 Jurgen told me of two extreme cases recently; one was a days rental where the client had knocked up 400 km in a day and the other whereby a couple had only driven 40km .... in an entire week! On returning the scooter they told him that they had driven everywhere and had had the best time ever.... he was somewhat puzzled and asked exactly where they had been and it turned out that they drove down to the beach from their apartment every day, which was about 200 metres - it saved them carrying everything! I liked their thinking....

Me pretending to ride!
Every scooter is inspected by a mechanic after each return before being rented out again and the helmets are sterilized and cleaned before being used again - they certainly take health and safety seriously here.
I asked if it was expensive to run a scooter - a 50cc takes aprox 10 euros of petrol to fill up and will do over 150km to a tank full... with today´s rising petrol prices seems like a good idea.

To hire a scooter you need to have had a FULL driving licence for a minimum of 3 years and age restrictions apply - 18 years of age to hire a 50cc and 21 years for a 125cc. This is great news for younger holiday makers as many car hire companies in Spain do not hire out cars to under 23´s or in some cases 25 - so you can still get out and about independently.  In the busy Summer months its a nightmare trying to park in Benidorm so a scooter is certainly worth considering - many people that drive here park their big cars in a carpark then hire a scooter to get out and about everyday. Or if you just want a break from the sea & sand to wonder off and explore for a day, Guadalest up in the mountains is idilic and a total change from Benidorm.

When driving a scooter on a main N road, such as the N332, a 50cc one must drive on the right of the solid white line which is on the edge of the pavement side. This is why you cannot park within 1 metre of this  line. However, a 125cc scooter must drive on the left of this line - same as cars and motorbikes.

You can find The Scooter Company opposite Vincents Village pub and they are open from 9am until 20.30pm or contact number is 865 677 688 ... and no I haven´t made a mistake, it does begin with an 8 - apparently Telefonica have run out of landline numbers beginning with a 9!

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