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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bolton Stag boys live it up in Benidorm

"Thonged up" groom Danny & best man Rick in black top
Earlier in the year I wrote about a group of Middlesbrough Hens coming to Benidorm - well to balance it up, yesterday I met a group of Stags on a 4 day break from Bolton.
Benidorm is the most popular European destination for Stag & Hen groups - and now with the financial problems facing Cyprus, will probably get even more popular as those that chose the resort of Ayia Napa look to other European destinations.

I met up with groom Danny, best man Rick and the other lads outside their accommodation in the heart of Benidorm, on the Calle Gerona yesterday lunchtime, as they waited to be collected to go Go Karting in the complimentary stretch limo. They were all clutching bottles of water or lucozade - to me a sure sign of the morning after the night before!

As they waited in their shorts and t-shirts one of the group told me he had been speaking to his wife in the UK earlier who had just spent an hour trying to dig the car out of the snow! He found it staggering as some of the lads showed me the sunburn they had got from the previous day here - they needn´t worry as they´ll soon be covered up though.... it certainly is one extreme to the other! I fear that their return Jet2 journey back to Blackpool today may end up being delayed with the atrocious weather you are experiencing.

Cafe B - most popular last stop destination in The Square
Tradition generally dictates that Stag & Hen groups come themed, but this cruel lot decided that the only one who was going to make a fool of himself was the stag.... he was made to wear a tiny black thong over his clothes for the duration of stay, including their nights out! They certainly took full advantage of the entertainment Benidorm had to offer, arriving back to their apartments at 6am for the second day on a trot - I was surprised quite how alert they were bearing that in mind. They ended up in Cafe Benidorm as do most of the party go-ers that visit.

They had been to watch the legendary Sticky Vicky - a right of passage for all stag groups. One of the lads had seen her some 20 odd years ago and couldn´t believe that she was still going... Im not sure what will happen when she eventually retires which lets face it can´t be that far off, bearing in mind that she is on the verge of 70! I told them that at Christmas time she "produces" a lit up tree and their faces were a picture....

Speedy Danny with his winnings
I caught up with them after they had done their karting session and they told me they had thoroughly enjoyed it - in fact, one of the group had never driven and didn´t even have a driving license! They placed a 50 euro wager for the winner among themselves - the karts all have chips which record the lap time and the winner was ..... Stag Danny! The lads asked me to present him with his prize - which I believe was going on Jager Bombs later on that evening! Oh that trip back to Alicante today is going to be a very subdued journey...

Tucking in to lunch
They went to see Albi Senior the previous night and I mentioned comedian Tony Scott to them, who they planned on fitting in that night - having warned them that he is not very politically correct! (He is on at Stardust every night at 10.15pm). Overall the lads said that they have had a great time in Benidorm and that the wonderful weather was an added bonus - with the cheap beer and free entertainment whats not to like! They stayed in self catering apartments which suited them as there are so many reasonable places to eat that are open all day. They certainly enjoyed the bbq lunch which was part of the Go Karting package and great value they agreed at only 50 euros... which is the equivalent of 45 GBP.

I wish Danny all the best for his forthcoming nuptials on 12th April - just hope that the snow stops by then and hope to see him coming back again, this time with the Mrs.

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