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Monday, 7 October 2013

Benidorm supporting the Emaus children´s charity

Do you long to watch some of the fabulous Benidorm acts but cannot stay up late enough? Well don´t worry because this Sunday,13th October you should head to Levi´s Showboat for an afternoon of wall to wall entertainment - and all in the name of charity.

Once again the two fundraising legends of Benidorm - Wayne and Tad, owner of the Yorkshire Pride pubs have joined forces to raise some desperately needed funds for the Emaus childrens charity - in particular the home in Relleu. Yes the Government should be funding it but with the cutbacks in Spain, due to the economic situation they are in a desperate situation. The children in the Relleu home have already suffered enough, having been taken into care because of the impossible situation they were living in or because they have no family - the majority are only aged between two and twelve, a really heartbreaking scenario.

Wayne has rallied some fantastic Benidorm acts including Black Eyed Peas, Take That, Meat Loaf, Lady Gaga, Adele, Comedian Gary George plus many more and even the Broadway Performance Academy - lovely to see children wanting to help children. Tad has been tasked with the raffles and has collected an amazing assortment of prizes, all donated by local bars and businesses.

The afternoon will run from 2pm until 6pm and there is a nominal 2 euro entry - which will ALL go towards the fundraiser. Why not make an entire afternoon of it by stopping at the Florence Rose restaurant next door for the cracking 3 course Sunday lunch - a bargain at only 8.95 euros... but I´d book as Im sure it will be packed. Good luck boys - Im sure it will be a huge success as always

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