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Scene last year on Avd Mediterraneo
Sunday´s much needed rain bought chaos to Benidorm as sewers overflowed, unable to cope with the torrential downpour. The early Summer rain was very short but sharp and proved that the towns sewerage and drainage system lacks capacity.

Gema Amor, town Councillor responsible for Environment said that "we had barely half an hour of rain, ap 25 litres per square metre with peaks greater than that, which is a lot of rain in such a short space of time". In the Rincon de Loix on the Avd Ametlla de Mar, where flooding problems occur whenever it rains intensely, the sewer had no capacity and overflowed according to Amor causing a black discharge and foul smell only several metres from the promenade and sand.

PP leader Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate immediately sent a letter to the council denouncing the incident, demanding a technicians report showing the actions and analysis to "guarantee optimal state of the sand and water in the affected area". He claims that the area was not cordoned off or any signs errected. However Amor hit back that within an hour the area had been cleaned and that the local police, Council technicians, Aquagest (water company) FCC and RA were all on the scene and insisted that "an hour later tourists were back on the beach"

Regarding potential investment in the sewer, Amor denied some work is outstanding "beyond the usual improvements". However she noted that technicians in engineering are studying what happened in case it is necessary to prioritize some more work in the area".... that sounds like she is covering herself!

As usual with heavy downpours, the ravines in La Cala Finestrat were left flooded. Last October it was the scene of sudden freak flash flooding and 2 British pensioners were swept to their deaths.

They seem to have problems here whenever there is anything more than heavy rain... the drains never seem to be able to cope and flooded roads are common in most towns. There are rumors that there will be a Gota Fria this year, especially as we have had such extremely hot weather for a prolonged period. Gota Fria´s usually occur in September when the sea temperature is still high but the temperature in the airstream drops - so pack your mac if visiting then!

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