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On the Avd Mediterraneo all lit up
If you fancy trying something a bit different whilst in Benidorm, then have a go on the Benibike!
Need some exercise to burn off all those Menu del Dias you´ve been indulging in or extra pints you have been enjoying, then this may be something to look at!
I saw it yesterday evening going along the the main Avd Mediterraneo, all lit up and it looked good fun - but you need rather a lot of energy.

It is a vehicle which is powered by bicycle dynamos! The "bus" has 12 seats, 6 on either side and you have to peddle as if you were on a bike to make it move. There is a bench seat across the back which sits 3 for those that just want to enjoy the ride or for children that can´t quite reach the peddles. The bus comes with a driver who sits at the front to steer the wheels.... and offer words of encouragement when you are getting tired!

It is based by the Grill House on the Avd Mediterraneo, near to the "train" that runs up and down the town (near the 24hr pharmacy).

There are 2 options: You can either just go on a 45 minute ride around the town, going down the Levante promenade and that costs 5 euros per person or the second option for 10 euros is you have a beer stop at one of the local bars on the beach front - that price includes 2 drinks.

There was certainly a lot of interest and everyone was stopping to look. You don´t all have to peddle at the same time, obviously it goes faster but by the same token you can´t all decide to have a rest at the same time otherwise it will stop!
Looks like a bit of fun, especially if you are a group coming over on your holiday. I can imagine that the stags & hens will all be having a go!

I perched on one of the seats but as you can tell from the heels I had on I didn´t actually have a go - it was enough exercise for me trying to get off it afterwards!

Whilst walking down the Levante front I was shocked at the number of mobility scooters around - I even saw a family convoy. A double one with mum, dad and child perched on knee followed by two more double ones with children on adult knees. They were wizzing and weaving through the crowds and parked up outside a restaurant, jumped off and all went in to eat. Looking at the size of some of them, especially the children they would have done better to walk to the restaurant - it is certainly encouraging laziness and obesity!