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Mayor Agustin Navarro & new Deputy Gema Amor
After almost a year with no overall political control at Benidorm Town Hall - the PP have 11 seats, PSOE 11 seats and Liberals 3 therefore holding the balance of power, the vacum is no more.

Gema Amor, leader of the CDL Liberals yesterday signed a pact with the Socialist Mayor Agustin Navarro which allows the Socialists to stay in power until 2015 and gives her the position as Deputy Mayor for Benidorm. She has also secured positions for 2 CDL councillors as part of the deal.

The departments which will now be under the Liberals control include Planning, Tourism, Employment, Citizenship, History & Heritage, Urban, general Services and Sports.  The biggest loser in the reshuffle is the outgoing PSOE Councillor of Tourism Juan Angel Ferrer who´s position has been taken by Gema Amor herself.

About 100 people gathered at the Town Hall yesterday for the announcement, among them presidents of local associations including Antonio Mayor of the Hoteliers Association HOSBEC and all councillors of the PSOE and CDL - although the PSOE were in a less celebratory mood than there newly acquired partners. The agreement between the 2 political parties took months of dialogue and they were both in unison when they said that in these difficult times it is imperative that people have confidence in the administration. Despite the severe economic situation and limited resources, Benidorm works. It remains the most popular Spanish holiday destination for both domestic and International travelers and they will continue to make it so. 

During the month of August the Spaniards flock to Benidorm from the cities, especially Madrid. They drive here and the streets become one big parking lot ..... it is virtually impossible to find a parking bay near to the beaches. The Brits usually stay away during this month and many British bar owners take the opportunity to shut up and have a break themselves - particularly as the Spanish do not tend to frequent them.

Benidorm Town Hall
During their speeches both Navarro and Amor stressed that they have done what is best for the citizens of Benidorm and that they will endeavor to work together to bring stability and move forward in the interests of all those that they serve.

Whether any visible changes will actually occur is another matter. The debts that have accumulated over the years remain and no extra money is coming in to the coffers. Changing peoples name tags, which in essence is what has happened is unlikely to change the situation, although with a signed pact there may be less delays in implementing policies.