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Nightly craft market
If you are stuck for something to do on a warm and balmy evening why not head up to the Old Town. Benidorm has in some people´s minds acquired a reputation of solely being a stag and hen destination or for those wanting nothing more than sun and cheap booze. Yes that is the case up to a point, but if you head up to the Old Town you will think you are in a completely different part of Spain.

Artist painting from an image off mobile phone
You can wind up and down the narrow cobbled streets which are full of predominantly Spanish bars and restaurants - the famous Tapas Alley is located in this part of town. It is something that you should definitely try at least once - and once you have Im sure you´ll be hooked. With literally hundreds to try you will never tire of the flavour combinations... and most have descriptions in both languages as well so you can even practice your Spanish!

If you head up towards the church at the top and go under the arch you come to the Mirador/ look out point, or as the Spanish call it "El Castell". Here you will find a craft market located in the square, which will be there every evening until the end of the Summer season. The stalls set up at around 6pm and are there till approximately midnight.

Caricature artist Enrik
There is an assortment of art and craft stalls, hand made jewelry and hair braiding. But mostly you will find artists offering to paint portraits, sketches and caricatures. You can even hand them a photo image on your iPhone and they can replicate that in pastels while you go and wonder around or have a drink at one of the bars around the square. Caricature prices are 10 euros and portraits start at around 35 euros depending on the style used .. oil, pastel, charcoal, water colour etc.

There is also a specialist pet portrait painter called Maria who can do a beautiful pastel portrait from an image or photo of your favorite pooch or cat... imagine what a lovely present that would make for a loved one.

Michael with his vast range of goodies
On you way back down from the night market you can pop into Michaels Pie shop, which is located on the road leading down towards Tapas Alley. Michael used to own and run the famous restaurant of the same name before selling up and opening his latest venture.
Here you will find an array of home baked goodies such as hot sausage rolls, pies with an assortment of fillings - all baked on the premises and lots of delicious cakes - my eyes nearly poped out when I saw the different coloured icings on the cup cakes, so as a girl does, I had to have one of each ... and they only cost 50 cents each!
He is even open until 2am so if you feel a bit peckish whilst out on the town I would certainly recommend popping by.

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    Carrie-Ann Thompson 11.05.2024 16:20
    Love it xx
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    Some very good shows I wish I was watching today
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    Brilliant show!

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