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Back in April I reported about the introduction of charges for prescriptions to all - including pensioners. This is now in motion and will be introduced from 1st July.
Everyone in possession of a SIP card, which entitles you to health care much like the NHS in the UK will have a number between 1 and 6 ranked against them. This number will determine how much you will pay towrads your prescription charges.

Number 1 will be allocated to the long term unemployed, those on low income subsidies etc and they will continue to pay nothing. Number 6 is for those earning over 18,000 euros per year and they will pay a heafty contribution towards the cost of any medication. Number 3 is the number for those on an income of under 18,000 euros per annum and you will pay 10% of the cost.

Currently if you are employed or autonomo - paying self employed contributions you pay 40% of the prescription charge... this will remain unchanged.

Those that are likely to be affected are the retired ex-pats on a pension who DO NOT make a Spanish tax declaration as this is how they will assess your income. If you have no Spanish tax declaration then you will probably be put on number 6!

You will still pay 10% of the prescription charge although this is capped at 8€ per person per month. However, you will have to wait for a refund of the difference which could be some months according to sources, so be prepared if you are on a repeat prescription for extra expense.

You have until the end of this month, 30th June to make your declaration which isn't very long... 10 days in fact!