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Keep an eye on road signs - ignorance is no excuse
Yesterday Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez announced plans to reduce the speed limit on "secondary" roads from 100kph to 90kph with the reasoning that this is where the highest percentage of accidents occur.

Speaking to reporters he explained that they are "fairly confidant that by lowering the limit it will improve road safety. There is a social consensus that the difference of 20kph between motorways and secondary roads is  not enough, that there needs to be more of a differential". Fransisco Cannes, President of Association of Traffic Accident Victims said "it is a positive step" but urged that the government will need to "control the limits by the use of radars".

N332 between Benidorm and AP7 toll
The department are also studying reports on the possibility of raising the motorway limit UP to 130kph - but no decision has yet been made. Back in March 2011 the maximum speed limit was reduced on motorways to 110kph - the reason given was to save fuel... but this was reverted back to 120kph four months later on 1st July. Pere Navaro, Director General of Traffic stressed that this time new signs will NOT be installed but the 100kph ones will be removed and signs will be placed at the beginning of the roads instead.

I not too sure exactly when this new speed limit is to be introduced , but just be aware that the Guardia don't need any excuses to pull you over - so keep your foot off the gas! For those of you that use the N332 to go to the airport the stretch after Carrefour up to the toll booths is a 100 kph zone, so be careful.

They are currently out in force around Alfaz and Albir with road checks so make sure you have all your papers in order, seat belt ON - 100€ fine, no talking on your mobile - 200€ fine, no flip flops, crocs or backless shoes - 150€ fine, no shopping on back seat, spare glasses IF you wear them for driving, Hi visibility vest & warning triangles in case of breakdown. For those on holiday here be aware that towing a car is ILLEGAL here - you must call a grua / breakdown truck if you breakdown. Also, towing a car on an A-Frame is also illegal here... although not so in France - I wish they would make the laws consistent across Europe, but then the police would be poorer for it I suppose as we would all know the laws.

For those with children be aware that for those under 12 years of age or under 135cm must be seated in a child seat with specially adapted child restraint and are NOT allowed to sit in the front passenger seat - massive 500€ fine!

From 1st July 2012, for those driving between Spain and the UK be aware that a new French law stipulates that you MUST carry a Breathalyzer kit in your car... I am sure that the police will be on the lookout for foreign cars to target!


0 #1 Unknown 2012-06-22 09:40
I have crocs with backs,and also the ballet shoe design - are all crocs banned or just the clog style?

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