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Flossy footwear sign can be seen all over Benidorm
When I first heard the term Flossy I had absolutely no idea what it was.... perhaps you are clueless too? Flossy is the brand name of the biggest Mediterranean footwear craze of the decade. Flossy shoes are basically canvas espadrilles and come in a variety of styles and most importantly colours - to me they look a bit like old fashioned house slippers or deck shoes.

Flossy footwear was established some 25 years ago and they were originally worn by sailing enthusiasts around the Bealearics - then for some strange and unexplained  reason they became a craze in the nightclubs of Ibiza!

Multi-colour rainbow of Flossy's
Like the croc's craze that hit some years ago the current "in" craze are Flossy's. In the UK they retail at aprox £20 but can be bought almost anywhere in Benidorm for around 6€ - which is under £5. This probably explains why holiday makers are now doing flossy runs instead of cigarette runs!

A market stall holder from Newcastle said that people are now doing Flossy runs to Benidorm as the cigarettes are too dear and its far too risky at customs nowadays. People can be seen buying them by the dozen - whether they are buying for themselves or to order I'm not too sure but the shop keepers are obviously delighted.

They also do a range of children's ones in different styles - they are certainly worth looking out for when you are over.  One lady by the name of Wendy came over on a Flossy run and purchased 200 pairs! If she doubled her selling price then that's "a nice little earner" as Arthur Daley would say.... and those too young to remember that famous phrase, it was from an 80's TV series called "Minder" staring George Cole.

The lace up versions were slightly more expensive at 6.99€, but in comparison to the UK retail price still a snip.

I can just imagine the scene at UK customs; "Have you any cigarettes or alcohol to declare" and the officer opening up the suitcase to dozens of pairs of plimsolls in a multitude of colours. As technically the duty has been paid on them in the country of purchase I wonder if there are any issues with taking them back? Perhaps a Flossy Runner could let us know!