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Benidorm is a magnet for those wanting a good fun time - which is especially evident at this time of the year, with the influx of Stag and Hen parties arriving every weekend. The booze is cheap, a pint of San Miguel for only 1.50€ and the bars are certainly plentiful. The hotels that are frequented by Stag & Hen groups are often right in the centre and include Hotel Perla - ap 50 mts from Cafe B, Ambassador Playa, Flamingo Benidorm, Dynastic... so if you are looking for a "quiet & relaxing" holiday maybe give those a wide berth!

There are numerous bars and clubs that cater specially to the British market - mainly around the Calle Gerona area, where you will find "The Square" ... Im not too sure why its called that as its not a square at all but a street  (Avd de Mallorca) surrounded by many many bars. It does tend to have a somewhat unsavory reputation locally - mainly as it attracts all the Brits that come on holiday and drink to excess.

Although there are lots of bars, many of the smaller ones seem to be disappearing and in their places larger themed bars are taking over. Within 100 metres you will find no less than half a dozen of these new type establishments: Red Lion, Broadway, Champions, Hipodrome and newly opened, Silverstones - just past Cafe Benidorm. Another one which is still under construction is the site of the old "Star & Garter" - opposite the Marina hotel, which is to become "Tiki City". It was still a building site yesterday but I presume it will be ready for the peak Summer trade.

Many of these will have a selection of "artistes" performing throughout the evening with the aim of keeping the customers for the night once they enter their establishments. Chalk boards outside notify who is on and at what time.

 I have noticed that many of the acts have a lot of "adult content" and am totally shocked that parents find it acceptable to bring children in to watch, with the excuse that they are on holiday too! You can pass by at 2 or 3am and see buggy's lined up either outside on the pavements or at the back of the bars, often with sleeping toddlers. It was even worse before the smoking ban and the sleeping children would also be inhaling the smoke!

But inside children as young as 6 would be watching the likes of "Sticky Vicky" performing her magic show .... what are these parents thinking - its time the bars pulled up their socks and put a stop to this too, but obviously it would mean turning business away so unlikely to happen - especially in this economic climate. Its certainly a "Sip & Sit" culture here...

I am all for everyone having fun and enjoying themselves but there are many family friendly bars that are more appropriate for those with children such as Rachels and the Tropical up at the Rincon end.


0 #1 Ian Barry 2012-11-20 13:46
I must say I totally agree with the comments relating to children seeing completely unsuitable shows in these "show" bars.
I am not saying that these acts don't have there place as this is part of Benidorm but keep the children out of the way.
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