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Protest posters along Levante Beach
Lifeguards and First Aid Workers belonging to "Rojuser" - the company responsible for Lifeguards & Health Care on the beaches of Benidorm, have been protesting over non payment of wages for over 4 months by the Council.
They have been sticking up posters around the town to highlight their plea to the residents and holidaymakers of the town but have now been threatened with being "denounced" for their protest. A "denuncia" is an official complaint which the police are obliged to investigate.

The local government spokesperson, Socialist Natalia Guijarro announced that it will report to the prosecutor damage caused by the lifeguards who have "broken street furniture, hung posters and stickers and stenciled with paint on council property, as this is a crime". The PP quickly responded with Jose Ramon de Zarate stating it was "outraged that workers are threatened despite continuing to provide an excellent service even though they have not been paid".  He also pointed out that the City Council is therefore also breaking the law as they have been putting up posters on Council property to announce the bullfighting over the Easter period!

"Yellow & White" First Aid station on Levante beach
Representatives of the Lifeguards had a meeting with the Mayor last November, at which he promised to settle the debt before the end of 2011. However, at the end of March 2012 the situation had not been rectified and the rescuers  feel "deceived" therefore took the initiative to demonstrate by putting up banners and posters. This action did not go down well with the Socialist Mayor Augustin Navarro and he sent City staff and local police to remove them.... good use of already restricted funds eh!

The Lifeguards of Rojuser are eager to point out that they will not stop providing cover as this would firstly be dangerous in the case of an emergency and secondly damage the image of Benidorm, but at the same time cannot go on with this situation. It is common knowledge that Benidorm City Council are up to their eyes in debt and have failed to pay worker and suppliers for many months, but this mis-management needs to be resolved before it really does cause irreparable damage to the town.