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Terra Natura is probably on the list of places to visit when you come to Benidorm. It is not so much a zoo but rather a wildlife park. There are 3 zones; America, Asia and Europe and you can see the animals of those Continents living within their natural environment with shrubs and plants from these regions.
There are plenty of interactive activies going on throughout the day such as feeding the animals and for the more adventurous you can even Zip Wire across a 400 metre stretch above the elephant plain.
Last month a baby Indian Rhino was born at Terra Natura - the first in Spain to breed this species in captivity.
Attached to the wildlife park is Aqua Natura water park ... a smaller version of Aqualandia.

Throughout the month of MARCH, Terra Natura have a special offer on. If you purchase a 1 day entrance ticket - adults 25€/children 20€, you can then trade that ticket in for a FREE yearly pass which would normally cost 48€ for an adult and 42€ for a child (under 12). You can also upgrade the yearly pass to include entrance to the waterpark for an additional 11€. A single day ticket to Aqua Natura is usually 23€ adults/18€ child so its great value. The pass also entitles you to free car parking which normal costs an additional 4€.
For those with children then its a great way to keep them ammused over the long summer holidays and a bonus that its educationl too.
If you are grandparents and have family coming over in the summer here's a tip. You can go and have a day out during March when this offer is on. Now instead of you claiming the free yearly pass just take along a passport sized photo of say your son/daughter and ask them to issue the pass to them. If you are a couple you can do this for the adults then its just the children that would have to pay and there are normally lots of discount vouchers around.