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Common sight of Chinese shop with its wears on display
With the influx of Chinese businesses in the town, local business leaders are trying to embrace rather than view them as a threat.
The Confederation of Employers of the Province (COEPA) have been running a course this month to teach the language and culture to some of its employees in the hope of viewing the Chinese not only as business partners but also as a potential source of tourism.

The average age of the "students" on the course  is 40 and they have requested that the course is extended for another month - the class was scheduled for 50 hours teaching.
One of those on the course is an employee of the El Altet airport in Alicante and there to learn basic language skills which will enable announcements in Chinese over the tanoy system. Travel agencies have seen an increase in Chinese visitors and deem it important to be able to at least greet the clients in their native language. In 2011 the Department of Commerce for Benidorm had more than 160 Chinese businesses registered in the locality.

Menus starting at 4.50€ including wine!
Almost everywhere you turn you will see a "Chinese Shop" or restaurant/WOK - it is probably the only growing economy in the area. However, not everyone is happy and many have complained to their local Town Halls about yet another one opening.
I spoke to an employee at the Town Hall to ask their take on the matter. Basically there is nothing the authorities can do - if all the paperwork is in order and they pay all the relevant taxes  they have no grounds to refuse an application.
 Just as they can't stop yet another bar, estate agent or bank opening they cannot discriminate against the Chinese. They have to adhere to the same laws as all other shop and restaurant owners.

But it does amaze me how cheaply they can sell some of the products - you can literally buy anything there. From electrical fittings, DIY tools, stationary, kitchen ware, toiletries - its an Aladins cave and I bet everyone has at least one product purchased from one. Quality may not always be the best but then for the price you pay for the product you hardly expect it to be.

Hugely popular WOK restaurant in Albir
Most streets in Benidorm have a Chinese restaurant offering a 3 course menu for under 5€, which includes half a bottle of wine. These prices have enabled many families to be able to holiday in Benidorm on a self catering basis. Also popular are WOK restaurants - they charge 9.95€ (drinks are extra) but you can eat as much as you like. You choose the meat or fish which includes steak, chicken, lamb chops, prawns, monk fish, sole and watch it being cooked by the chef and  have your vegetables stir fried with a sauce of your choice. They also offer ready made dishes such as sweet & sour, ribs, spring rolls, soup and offer dessert too. All the food is fresh and regularly topped up - its incredible value and always busy. The Chinese do tend to have an incredible work ethic - maybe thats why they are flourishing?

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    Donna Grant 21.11.2022 21:29
    Looks brill x
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    Jean Hannam Vickerag 21.11.2022 20:44
    Loved the Benidorm series and love Benidorm
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    Andrew McVie 21.11.2022 20:42
    Fantastic event from start to finish

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