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Sunday afternoon - packed cafe on Levante beach front

Whilst you are shivering back in the UK I thought I'd share with you a typical afternoon on the popular Levante beach in Benidorm. The promenade was packed with people taking an afternoon stroll - you can easily tell the locals and visitors apart. Its a typical Spanish past time on a Sunday. Although 16 degrees with a beautiful blue sky the locals were wrapped up in coats,jackets, scarves and boots whilst the visitors have shorts, T-Shirts and flip flops on!

You can stop and have a coffee, cake and brandy for 2.15€ and that's right on the front - there's even cheaper if you look, I saw one for 1.50€. In the UK you'd struggle to get a decent cup of coffee for that price, never mind with a slice of cake and either a Brandy, Baileys or Tia Maria.The cafes were packed with people watchers enjoying the afternoon sun - see you don't have to pay a fortune for the pleasure here in Benidorm! The mobilty scooters were wizzing up and down trying to search out the cheapest coffee and brandy combo - you have to remember to look both ways in case you are knocked over by one. Its interesting to note that they are all Brits out on the scooters - the Spanish walk the the aid of a stick if necessary.

There were some people sunbathing on the beach too - no doubt trying to catch a few rays before heading back to Blighty! Even the lifeguards were on duty ... a legal requirement although I don't think they will be very busy. I didn't see anyone actually brave enough to go into the sea and the lifeguards were wrapped up in their jackets.
So come on, what are you waiting for - get on the internet and book that flight. Imagine, you could be like the people pictured here next weekend, relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere and having the coffee, cake and brandy - tempting eh?

Busy Levante promenade