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1 litre cartons of red & white wine
A report published this week revealed that the Spanish Costas are the cheapest holiday spot in Europe. Turkey, once regarded as Europe's cheapest destination is now 60 per cent MORE expensive than Spain following a survey carried out comparing the price of eight items which included a cup of coffee, bottle of local beer and a can of coca cola among other typical holiday purchases.

Obviously with the credit crunch everyone is looking to get the most out of their hard earned pounds. They will compare the prices of flights plus hotel accommodation and possibly even car hire if booking independently. But many will also be curious, especially if not going all inclusive, how far their euro will go when buying everyday essentials.

 Well let me surprise you ........ take for example 50 pence. What can you get with that ? Not a lot I hear you all laugh - well let me enlighten you.
Pop down to the local Aldi- there's one located opposite the Marina Shopping Centre in Benidom (near to Carrefour) and also one in La Nucia. For a mere 54 cent you can purchase any of the following - I did a price comparison : 1 litre carton of orange juice; 1 litre carton of WINE- red or white; 1 litre carton of long life milk or 1 TIN of coca cola. Yes all these individual items cost only 54 cent - you did read correctly - it does say 1 litre of wine. So get booking ....... your pounds will certainly go further here. The kids will be happy with the orange juice or you can add it to the vodka which you can purchase for 3.99€ a bottle!
1 litre of long life milk
Obviously this is at today's exchange rate which was 1.20 euros to the pound and the rate will go up and down but it gives you a good example of how cheap "essentials" are at the supermarket here.

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    Tracey Gilchrist 19.11.2021 19:34
    Lovely to c everybody having fun
  • Fancy Dress Day is BACK!

    Muriel Hearne 19.11.2021 19:33
    Very little masks in sight
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    Ernest Adams 19.11.2021 19:32
    Brilliant photos I wish we were there



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