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Ideal Ryanair hand luggage size
Whilst browsing in the Marina Shopping Centre, Benidorm yesterday afternoon I popped into "Ale Hop" - a store that sells all sorts of bits and bobs- most things which you don't really need but see and think why not  ... fortunately they aren't too expensive.

As I walked through the doors I saw a vision ....  my eyes lit up and I could barely contain myself. What on earth could it be I hear you all ask! My "preferred Ryanair travel partner checked laundry bag" which I use for my hand luggage but an upmarket version. I was only commenting a few weeks ago that surely Gucci or Prada must bring one out and lo and behold but Ale Hop have answered my prayers.

Lovely bright colours & designs
The dimensions are within the Ryanairs stipulated size - 20cm deep (which is always a problem) x 50cm wide (you are allowed 55cm) x 38cm high ( you can have 40cm).  And the best bit .... they cost only 4€ and are available in a range of designs and colours - they have some lovely designs which are also ideal for children such as daisies and hearts.

With Ryanair cracking down hard on hand luggage size and weight ie. If it doesn't fit into the rack, you will be forced to pay £100 to check it into the hold! Remember, these bags weigh nothing so you get your FULL 10kg allowance. The check in staff at the gates are very vigilant and can spot a suspect oversize bag from 50 metres away - take my advice and get down to Ale Hop. There are branches all over Benidorm - one is on the Avd Mediterraneo and another at the top of Calle Ruzafa. They do come in various sizes so make sure you take a ruler or tape measure if you're not too sure how long 20cm is!

According to a comment posted on Tripadvisor, the cost of taking luggage on Ryanair from Glasgow is £50 for 15kg and £70 for 20kg no matter what time of the year you fly. I should think that's more than the price of the seat  in some cases... so much for low cost carrier!