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Positioning cast - Mateo & Lesley aka Jake and Tim

If you want to ever know where the filming is taking place you just need to walk around town to see where the Primoti vans and generator are parked up. Yesterday they took advantage of the break in weather .... whoever said it doesn't rain here in Spain obviously only ever comes here in the Summer. Its been raining cats and dogs over the last few days but when the sun peeped out on Friday morning the crew quickly pitched up at the Pelicanos Hotel to do some outside pool area filming around the bar. The hotel residents were there with cameras in hand to snap the cast - infact there were more fans than cast and crew!
 Its just as well as by the afternoon the heavens had opened again.

Sherrie making the most of the sun between takes!

The local police were on the street running behind the hotel and when actual filming was being shot they would stop the traffic for the duration to ensure no outside noise was recorded. They are in radio contact with the crew who notify them when the scene is being recorded to keep traffic disruption down to a minimum. There is nothing worse than  a car horn suddenly going off mid scene !

Tim Healy  leaving the bar...

Filming has been going on at the Pelicanos since the first series which was filmed in 2006 - its just as well that the hotel hasn't had a major refurb in that time as it would ruin continuity of scenes!
Filming is due to run until 4th December and from next week Sandy Johnson will be directing episodes 6 and 7 whilst John Henderson, current director goes back to the UK to start editing the series for planned broadcast in March/April of next year.