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Levante beach
Benidorm Town Hall has proposed a plan to reduce street lighting in the town by 30% and thereby saving the taxpayer around 400,000 euro's per year. Some of the proposals have already been put into effect, such as replacing standard light bulbs with low energy ones.

However, the one that most visitors will probably notice is the plan to reduce 50% of the lighting along the beaches and promenade. I'm not too sure how they will do this - perhaps light only every other bulb ? Also listed in the proposal is to reduce the amount of "ornamental" lighting - such as lighting up vegetation and palm trees.

More controversial will be the plans to reduce selective street lighting after midnight. In some areas of the town there are 2 sets of street light; one set illuminating the pavement and an additional set to illuminate the bike lane which runs alongside it. In such instances it is proposed to switch off the bike lane lights leaving only the main street lights on.

Over the Summer the Town Hall  did their bit by switching off the entire interior lighting for a month after midnight - this should probably remain ... I hardly think that anyone would be inside plus it really is a waste of energy to light up that huge building all night.
Councillor for the Environment Jose Marcet also stated that they had had negociated significant savings on the kilowatt rates charged by Iberdrola - down from 25.303 per kw to 19.34 per kw.
Other planned measures are the installation of solar panels on Town Hall and municipal sports centres.

Traffic lights on the N332 and Alfaz
Perhaps Alfaz Town Hall should take note ..... the "temporary" traffic lights at the Alfaz juction with the N332 could do with being switched off at night. I have waited at them at 2am with nothing obviously coming for miles and waiting for 5 minutes before they change just long enough to allow 3 cars through - they obviously changed the timing sequence from the daytime.

I was very tempted to just drive through but though it would be just my luck that a Guardia Civil car would be hiding somewhere specially there to catch someone like me! These "temporary" lights cost 60,000 euro's per year !!!! For half of that I would personally stand there and direct the traffic! Can someone pass the message onto Vicente - mayor of Alfaz.