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Doggy bag dispenser in Alfaz

The Mayor of Benidorm, Augustin Navarro has proposed the introduction of a compulsory annual dog license in the town. It is estimated that the fee will be between 15 - 20 euro's and revenue collected from it will be used soley for the purpose of cleaning the streets of dog mess.
All owners must register their dogs before 31st December 2011 and that as of 1st January 2012 any owners who have NOT registered their dogs will face a fine ranging between 600 - 6000 euros!
The revenue collected will also finance a new "Green Patrol" - these will be dedicated patrols which will have the following responsibilities to catch offenders;
- Ensure that owners pick up the any excretment that their dogs have made.
- Ensure that owners have registered their dogs.

 Prior to the elections the residents of Benidorm were asked to list their main concerns, and dog fouling came pretty high up on the list. Navarro has obviously listened to his constituants - which must be a first for Spain!

Taking a dog for a walk along Levante beach

The mayor has proposed that the failure for owners to pick up after their dogs have fouled the street to be re-classified as a "very serious" offence and to carry a fine of between 6000 - 12,000 euro's- the maximum being enforced for persistant offenders! However, he has also promised to install 3 specific fenced areas where dogs can run and exercise in Rincon de Loix, La Cala and Imalsa-Foietes prior to the the new law being introduced.
The town has already installed vending machines with free plastic bags to collect the dog mess and that the revenue raised from the dog licenses will enable more machines to be installed. Alfaz and Albir already have these installed around the town which also incorporate diposal bins for the collected mess. I bet that other Town Halls will be watching closely to see the success of this enforcement with the aim of extending to their vicinities.