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Studio set - scene of reception of "Solana resort"

The day started at 7am.... it was still dark outside! The extras for the day, aprox 20 were already gathered in the lobby of the Sol Pelicanos hotel. Tuesday is change-over day for the charter flight holiday companies, so the lobby was already buzzing with life. We were not alone. The minibus finally came and transported us to the studio set - the pink building almost opposite Benidorm Palace, where a hearty breakfast was served and appreciated. This is the fictitious reception of the Solana Hotel - they can't use the Sol Pelicanos reception as it is too busy with genuine guests! However, the pool shots are from the hotel.
The day then really started in earnest. From the holding area various extras were called to appear in the background, or enact little scenes. As only one camera was being used for the shoot, the scenes have to be filmed from four different angles and also closeups. This is where the reading and chatting time comes in. As the crew move the scenery, camera and lights we relax until called for again.

Crew ready for filming....

In one scene, the fish would not behave. Every time the camera closed in on the beautiful fish tank for a cutaway shot, the fish would hide. Eventually a crew member had to agitate the water just before the take for the five second shot.
The director gently paces around taking in the various situations, and passes on a gentle command, which in turn is repeated at full voice like on the bridge of a ship. Cut...reload...silence....Action!!! We're on a roll again..... After another scene change we extra's come on again to be positioned for our walk through the reception area shots and then at 7pm comes the signal "Its a wrap" ! Another day tomorrow .....