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Karen taking a group out

Only 5 minutes out of Benidorm,past the Villa Mar campsite heading towards Albir you can experience the thrill of horse riding through the countryside. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced rider, you can enjoy a ride accompanied by Karen, who has been teaching for 22 years and so fully qualified to take on individuals of all capabilities.
There are excursions everyday on a route that takes you through the pine forests, up towards the Sierra Helada mountains and looping back to the stables - which last more or less an hour.

Some of the horses available to ride

Karen takes a maximum of 8 per group and riding hats are provided for all riders. There is no weight limit - unlike the UK.
The stables house 40 horses and all are well groomed and looked after by many helping hands and riding enthusiasts.
Summer opening times are from 10am until 2pm then from 4.30pm onwards - giving the horses a break during the harsh midday sun. In Winter morning sessions are the same but the afternoon begins again at 3pm to take into account the earlier sunset.
Children's lessons are held at the weekends from Sept to June and cost 15€. Adults lessons are held during the week.

Off up towards the Sierra Helada mountains

The 1 hour countryside trek costs 20€ per person and transport can be arranged at an additional cost. The stables are located behind the Excalibur Medievil Castle in Albir (Castillo Conde de Alfaz) on the Camino Cantera de Orozco.
The group pictured were on holiday from Birmingham and it was the  first time any had been on a horse. Initially most were abit nervous but Karen soon put them at ease. The horses followed each other in a trail and stopped for a snack to munch on the pines whilst riding through the forest. For the very nervous Karen can guide the horse on a leash next to her at the front - as was the case with a young boy in the group.

Coming home !

For the experienced riders a sand school is available at the yard so that you can take the horse out for a gallop after the trek.
For further information or to book call Karen on 678 983 119. The stables are fully insured - a requirement for them to be able to operate.