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When you've had enough of the beach why not pop to the Benidorm Indoor Market located in the Rincon de Loix ... its an Aladdin's cave of hidden treasures! There are 3 separate entrances and each is wheelchair/mobility chariot accessible with specially installed ramps.
If you are going to spend the day at Aqualandia or Terra Mitica pass by the delicious "Picnic Pack" where Vicki sells an assortment of delicious freshly made sandwiches, rolls, pies & pasties which you can take along with you - why pay extortionate prices at these attractions when you can take a cool-bag filled with yummy things!

Sheila's money exchange is reputed to be the best place in the indoor market to change your ££££'s into €€€'s .... there is always a queue outside the kiosk (and there was one when I visited) - but remember that you MUST take your passport along. This is a requirement by Spanish law in its bid to tackle money laundering. Once they have checked your passport they will issue you a special receipt ticket so for any future exchanges you don't need to bring your passport - just remember the ticket.

If you are travelling light (or on Ryanair!) then don't worry about bringing all those heavy bottles of shampoos & toiletries and risk being overweight - you can buy everything you need from Vanessa at Super Drogueria. Her shelves are filled with anything you may need or have forgotten for your holiday - so don't panic!

Moving through the isles I come to Hepburn's Hair, Nail & Beauty salon. It was beautifully air conditioned inside and Vicki told me about their amazing nail promotion - 50% off ALL nail treatments till 31st July !!! They are busy so its best to pop by and book an appointment - at 50% off its certainly worth treating yourself. When booking  an appointment you are asked to leave a 10€ deposit - this is because many people have booked and then forgotten to turn up so be prepared and don't come penniless!

A current trend in the UK which has come to Benidorm is the "Garra Rufa"  Fish Experience. There are 2 at the indoor market and at "Dream Feet Foot Spa" I found it quite funny that there were 4 burly men sitting with their feet in the fish tanks ! The fish gently massage your feet giving you an organic pedicure and at only 10€ for a 15 minute session well worth the experience.

If you are staying at one of the many self catering apartments then there are 2 butchers - if you are into hamburgers then you can watch them being made in front of you and see what actually goes into them - MEAT ! You can buy as little or as much as you like quantity wise unlike in the supermarkets where everything is already pre-packaged.
So if you want your nails done, a sandwich/pie or some money exchanged remember to head for the indoor market ... open Mon -Fri 8am till 6pm and Saturdays 8am till 3pm - closed on Sundays.

On a separate issue, now that the weather is hotting up and you are drinking more remember NOT to drink directly out of a can. A case was reported in the USA whereby a women drank some coke out of a tin on Sunday and by Wednesday she was dead. An autopsy revealed she had died of Leptospirosis ... dried rat urine, which was traced to the can of coke she had drank from! Rat urine contains toxic substances and it is highly recommended to thoroughly wash the tin before drinking out of them.A study showed that can tops were more contaminated than public toilets so wash them thoroughly first!

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