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If you walk all the way up to the point - where the Levante and Poniente beaches meet you get the most beautiful panoramic view of both bays.
At the top is a very pretty white and blue tiled gazebo with seating which is a lovely backdrop for a photo ... and at the front is the "Love Padlock"monument.  This tiled gazebo area was used as a "restaurant" in the last episode of the ITV  comedy series "Benidorm"  in a scene with Tim Healy.

Love padlocks are a custom by which sweethearts affix padlocks to a public fixture to symbolise their love..... there must be hundreds with inscriptions of names and dates on them.

 Mal Pas beach, which is the tiny sandy enclave that can be seen looking down from the point has a very long steep staircase that leads all the way up to the "Mirador" - the name given to this look out point. You can get to Mal Pas beach from Dove Park on the Poniente side of the Old Town. All along the staircase are more love padlocks... this time probably in the thousands!

As you meander back down through the narrow streets towards the beach you'll pass many bar and restaurants - a mixture of English and Spanish then you will arrive at the "Plaza Triangular" which is located at the very end of the Avenida Mediterraneo. This is the main street that runs all the way from the Rincon and a very long but pleasurable walk - it runs parallel to the beach.
On the Plaza Triangular you will see the biggest ever Rubber tree with lots of seating areas, taking advantage of the shade and to the far side a row of cafes.
If you take the street to the left (Calle Dr Perz Llorca) you will stumble across a hidden little gem .... a watch repair shop ! They have all disappeared in the UK - there was a time when every local High Street had one.

When I first moved here a friend took me there when I mentioned that I needed a new battery and didn't know where to go. Mike the owner has been there for years and a truly warm and friendly Northerner who will advise you without hesitation.
 I took in a very expensive Gucci watch. I had been quoted £45 in London for a battery!!! The reason given was it needed to be sent away etc etc so I went away at that price! I took it into Mike and he said go and have a coffee and come back in 10 minutes. I wondered around and returned a short while later and he handed me the watch back - and I waited with trepidation for the charge. 3€ please !!!! I could have fallen over.
The majority of batteries cost 3€ .... occasionally they may be 5€  but that is the max. So if you are visiting Benidorm and you need any batteries, new straps - there are 100's, or watch repairs I would recommend taking them in - you'll be delighted with the service. Its like a little Aladins cave.... more unusual discoveries in Benidorm to follow.

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    Carrie-Ann Thompson 11.05.2024 16:20
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    Ernest Adams 29.04.2024 07:37
    Some very good shows I wish I was watching today
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    Brilliant show!

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