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 Went for a walk along the Levante beach this morning and there, moored just off the shores was a sight to defy belief... a monsterous American Warship. The holidaymakers sunning themselves on the beach didn't know what to make of the scene - certainly an alternative holiday snap of them in swimwear with a Warship as the backdrop! The "CG64 USS Gettysburg" from the VI fleet has docked for a 4 day break - it will be setting sail again on Thursday 9th June.
The Major of Benidorm, Augustin Navarro was invited onboard by the captain when they docked  where he welcomed them to the town.
The 400 marines will have the opportunity to spend time in Benidorm during their stay - they will be ferried back and forth to the shore and some will  be re-united with family who have flown over from the States.
The Mayor said  it is anticipated that the marines will spend between 150-200,000€  during the 4 day break - a most welcome boost for local businesses. He said this is an important opportunity for the town to prove to the US Navy that it can guarantee Benidorm is a safe and secure destination for the stopover of any future Naval ships. Together with the Head of Security and all 3 police forces (Local, National & Gurdia) they are  in discussions working towards  the goal of welcoming  more Naval vessels - some carrying up to 6000 Marines!

Trying to get a closer look do you think ?