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So you've finally arrived for your long awaited 2 week holiday in Benidorm/Altea/Albir. You've relaxed on the beautiful beaches, sampled the tapas, enjoyed the nightlife and wearily embark on the packing and last minute cigarette purchases only to discover that you can't find your passport!!!!! Panic stricken you empty everything inside out but to no avail ..... what do you do next ? ( a large Vodka is not the correct answer)

Well, its not an unusual senario but will be a costly one. First and foremost, you must report it to the local police station. Whether its been stolen or misplaced and so not in your possession, this is essential. You will be given a copy of the police report and you then need to contact the British Consulate in Alicante. The telephone number is: 902 109 356 between 8.30am and 1.30pm. Out of these hours you need to call: 913 342 194. You will be told to come up to the Consulate with the police report,  flight details/confirmation of your return flight home and 1 photograph ( in some cases more information may be required) and they will be able to issue an emergency travel document for your return flight.
This is only valid for that 1 journey and once back in the UK you will need to reapply for a proper 10 year passport. The cost of this emergency document is now 122€ - yes they do take credit cards!
So the moral of the story is keep your passport safe. You do not need to take it out with you - use a hotel safe if available. When using a credit card your photo driving license is sufficient ID ... most places have chip and pin now so no further photo ID is required anyway. 
As well as the 122€ for the emergency document you will spend half a day getting up to Alicante and also the cost of a replacement passport once back home...... so keep it safe!