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View of AlbirIf you enjoy walking, and I don´t mean from bar to bar, then this area must have some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes within the Costa Blanca. The promenade on the Levante beach front is popular with many, as is the walk to The Cross - but if you want to try something a little more challenging then I suggest you head out to Albir. You can catch the number 10 bus - only about a 15 minute ride and a 1.50€ fare, but culturally and visually about as far removed from Benidorm as you can get! Albir definately isn´t a party town - if you want late night drinking and clubbing then stick to Benidorm.

Walk up to El Faro in Albir

Path leading to the lighthouseOne of the most popular past times, especially at the weekend, is the lighthouse walk - El Faro. The path is in the natural park of the Serra Gelada which is a protected zone and there are various marked out routes which you can take - the most popular being the "easy" path heading straight up to the lighthouse. When I say straight it isn´t in reality as it follows the contours of the mountain.

Shady picnic area at the bottomYou can see the lighthouse across the way and think you are nearly there, then as you turn one bend there are another half a dozen in front of you! But one word of advice if going, take a bottle of water with you as there is no kiosk at the top! There are several picnic benches at the beginning and many Spanish families bring cool boxes and a picnic.

Spectacular views of Albir

Lighthouse in the distanceSeveral information boards along the route give facts and information - which are in both Spanish and English and there are designated view points for photo opportunities. The weekends are particularly busy, with plenty of people of all nationalities walking - you can also ride your bike along the route. It is about 2.5 km to get to the top and obviously dependant on how fit and quickly you walk, most make it in around 30 minutes... but getting back is slightly quicker as it´s all downhill!

Information Centre at Albir lighthouse

Information centre at the lighthouseThere is an information and exhibition centre at the top which is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 2pm and at the weekends from 10am until 1.30pm - they should really think about installing a cafe there - or at least a drinks machine... they´d make a fortune! But the view from the top is stunning and certainly worth all of the effort. With the peace and tranquility its hard to believe that you are only approximately 5 miles out of the centre of Benidorm. 

Try and spot a dolphin

Telescope to spot dolphinsA telescope has been installed at the lighthouse, which is free for visitors of the park to use. It is a great vantage point, with breathtaking views and where bottlenose dolphins are often spotted out at sea. The cost of the telescope – 2589€ was jointly met by Alfaz Council, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Association of Citizens for Science.

View on route to lighthouseWhen you get back down to the bottom you can always head to one of the many bars or restaurants which line the Albir beach front and reward yourself with a nice chilled glass of wine or beer. If you decide to go on a Sunday remember that you can always pop to the busy market first, which is off the main road going through the town and there until around 1.30pm. So if you are fed up with lying around the pool or beach all day and fancy doing something different then I would give it a go.... and remember to take your camera!


+1 #1 Keith 2017-07-10 19:04
Always stay in the Rincon area, how do I walk up to the Cross, Cheers Keith.

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