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Stylistics at flash hotelThe boys are back in town and already causing quite a stir with their adoring fans. Following their appearance on the Benidorm series at the beginning of this year everybody has been waiting for their return. Well they are here – and singing exclusively at the new Stardust, every night at 10pm. I met up with the boys at the Flash hotel and can verify that yes they are as gorgeous in the flesh as you had imagined and real charmers – probably why they are so popular… as Leroy Smokes said “Never mind 50 shades of Grey, We´re 50 Shades of Black”! Oh my goodness I was in for a treat sitting with these three - they were causing many ladies to crane their necks around to look, with a few actually coming over and asking for photographs.

derren with stylisticsThey loved their time filming the Benidorm series last year and appreciative to Derren for the opportunity. He spotted the boys one night performing and came back a few times, bringing others and was obviously impressed enough to write them in – and who can blame him, the boys can certainly sing.

They have been performing together as a trio for two years now, but Kojo and Leroy Smokes knew each from London, where they worked together. Now that was something that was bugging me, the name Smokes. Well it´s rather simple…. It´s his bad smoking habit! In between performances he would say to the others he was going out for a smoke and so the name stuck – quite handy seeing as there are two Leroy’s!

smokes at stardustSmokes is from Brixton, London and his first gig in the UK was as part of the Extraordinaires, with Kojo´s brother Mark. He travelled all around and even performed on the cruise ships before coming to Benidorm with Ray Lewis, where they sang together as part of the Drifters. As well as performing with the Stylistics, Smokes is also in another group - The Fantastics, who play in Talk of the Town at 11:15pm and Sinatra´s at 1:00am.

leroy interviewLeroy Charlery - the charmer of the three, has just come back from the UK, where after a brief rest he was off again performing both there and abroad, plus spending some quality time with his two girls. He is in the process of compiling a CD of his songs – many of which he has written himself.
Kojo came to Benidorm 10 years ago with the intention of staying for 3 months to work over the Summer season – and still here, living the dream. He is a showman to the core, having started singing at a very young age. He was part of the London Community Gospel Choir and still remembers performing at Hyde Park with Mariah Carey. Kojo and Leroy also perform together as the Kings of Motown under the name “Motown Memories” – where you can catch them at midnight in Jokers on Monday and Saturday.

performing at stardustFollowing their debut on the Benidorm series there has been such demand for them that they are going on a UK Tour in December, hitting their fan bases in the North and just announced that the support act will be Stuart Michaels, an Olly Murs tribute. Tickets are selling fast (…and will make a great Christmas gift) so contact Judith the tour organizer via FB page Benidorm Stylistics or catch Leroy after one of the shows as he always has some on him.


0 #4 june king 2015-09-17 01:55
Well done guys brilliant you 3 definately deserve the recognition xxx
0 #3 Marie Sedona 2015-04-25 11:59
well dun you 3 ,, you can't go to Benidorm without going to see these guys FAB xxxx
+2 #2 twiggy white 2015-04-15 18:13
Really good reading this, the guys are amazing and work so hard... So happy for you all xx
0 #1 alan almond 2015-04-15 13:52
Nice pic of you Irena,hope all is well at companians .regards alan& philomina

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    Chris Pile 28.04.2024 19:33
    Brilliant show!

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