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goldcar hire deskDriving is a necessity for many, whether to get to work, take children to school or carry out daily chores. When coming on holiday many like the flexibility of a rental car, enabling them to get themselves back and forth to the airport without waiting around for shuttle buses, then using it to explore the surrounding area at leisure - Guadalest, Algar Waterfalls and Calpe are prime examples. Although all are accessible by publice transport you are more flexible with a car.

parking twitCurrently in Benidorm parking restrictions have been lifted in many blue pay & display zones – but they come back into effect as of June 1st. White bays – if you can find any, are free but blue zones have to be paid for between 9am and 2pm then again from 4pm until 8pm – 9pm from June till October. But don’t worry too much as it will hardly break the bank – only 1€ for 2 hours.

If driving you need to be aware of different regulations here and it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself. Pleading ignorance with Guardia Trafico will do nothing except inflame the situation and probably result in an even higher fine, payable on the spot if you are a non resident.

Ap7 motorwayYou must carry your driving license on you when driving here and a definite offence, which can land you with a hefty €150 fine is driving in flip flops. Many are puzzled by this but sadly a case highlighted in the British press today show why. Greater Manchester police are investigating a car crash which killed a nine-year-old girl and whether the father wearing a pair of flip flops caused it, after they were found in the footwell. It is currently not illegal to drive in flip-flops in the UK but motoring associations advise against it and in a survey one in ten drivers admitted to having an accident or near miss because of footwear slipping off. You have been warned – so long as the are not backless you should be ok.

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    I hired one earlier this year for the first time as both my husband and I have limited mobility...
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    Very True! All adds extra stress and worry on top of all the usual worries...we arrived on Tuesday ...
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