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sate in old townWork has at long last begun on the new SATE office in the Rincon de Loix. SATE stands for "El Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero" - hence the abbreviation, which roughly translated means the Foreign Tourist Assistance Office. This is where you should go to file a report if you are in the unfortunate situation of being a victim of crime.

There was much criticism when the current one was opened in the Old Town back in 2013 – with virtually everyone in agreement that it was in the wrong place (at the very end of the Levante beach).

IMG 0022But to everyone's shock and amazement, workmen and a digger arrived this morning to begin the construction – which is estimated to take up to five months. It will be located beside the current tourist information office on Calle Derramador – opposite the Flash hotel.

IMG 0020The Town Hall have promised that it will be fully operational for Spring. Alongside the SATE office there will also be a waiting room with an allocated area for a translator to assist foreign nationals in reporting any crimes and a small sub police station.

It is imperative that any crime, no matter how small, is reported to the police at the SATE office. Currently many go unreported due to the ill placed location of the current office and there have been many campaigns to have it moved.The British Consulate is currenty looking at producing posters to remind tourists to be aware and stay safe while on holiday.

Perhaps the pea men that tend to populate the area around the Sol Pelicanos hotel and Indoor market will be deterred… time will tell!

IMG 8494Additionally, a new tourist information office with storage and telecommunication room will be constructed – and once complete the existing one will be demolished. A budget of €181,200 has been allocated to compete the project.

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    Monica Ricci 26.04.2022 14:00
    November in Beni! Oooh this looks amazing!!
  • Benidorm Fan Convention

    Mary Wilkins 26.04.2022 13:57
    My friend has booked us vip passes can't wait to meet everyone
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    Tracey Belcher 25.04.2022 22:20
    Damn would love to come



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