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corner shot 2The controversial ‘Tiki Beach’ on the Levante promenade in Benidorm has re-opened – thankfully just in time for the St Patrick’s day celebrations. Re-branded as ‘Cocktail Beach’ and under new management, a few cosmetic changes have been made, including the removal of the terrace bar but the atmosphere loved by so many visiting British holidaymakers remains.

frontMany were left devastated when what was Tiki Beach bar was ordered to close after years of legal wrangling with neighbours over noise. But all those can breathe a sigh of relief now and enjoy a drink with a view once again!


worksThe bar closed for business on Monday, February 18, with fencing going up around the terrace. Many walked by each day, peering through to see what was going on. The terrace bar was removed, tiles re-glazed, plants bought in and a new rope barrier added.