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Mirador as wasJust as the resort is entering its crucial busy summer season one of the most visited landmarks has been closed off to the public and been totally demolished. ‘El Castell’ - probably better known as the Mirador up at the top of the Old Town, with its picture-perfect photo location is no longer.

IMG 3544Hoardings have been erected at the bottom of the steps and diggers have flattened the iconic structure – which only last month hosted the Benidorm Pink Weekend. Thousands make the pilgrimage up there to get breath taking views of both sides of Benidorm and take photographs of the Levante and Poniente beaches.

totally goneIt is one of those ‘must see’ place when you come here but don’t bother to make the effort now as you’ll be left very disappointed.
The €1.2 million project has just started, to excavate what are thought to be archaeological remains of a fort underneath – initially discovered during preliminary digs in 1993 and 2014 thought to have been constructed after 1325.

diggerThis is all good and well, but to start these works now is utter and complete madness. The entire resort already resembles a building site and only last week there was a massive conference with hoteliers and business leaders all scratching their heads asking why bookings have dropped!

ramp upIt’s probably never going to be a great time to carry out such works, but this is absolutely the worse time. Finish one project first then go onto the next. The Plaza Hispanidad – at the end of Avd Mediterraneo is still a building site despite promises it would be ready for Easter and at the other end, in the Rincon the same. Surely this excavation and demolition could have started in September once the bulk of the holidaymakers had left. Killing the goose that laid the golden egg springs to m ind!!!

IMG 3550

Mirador canons

canons with hording

Mirador from afar