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MadgeBenidorm has passed a new by-law regarding electric scooters, Segway’s and yes, mobility scooters which rose in popularity after the chain smoking, perma tanned Madge appeared on one in the Benidorm series.

The Councillor for Mobility explained that these new regulations will ensure the safety of both the users, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

scooter rallyThese fast moving electric vehicles will be banned from pavements with the exception of mobility scooters used by the disabled or with reduced mobility – obviously no one else should be using one anyway! Sadly as is often the case they are rented by the lazy as a cheap mode of transport, causing mayhem.

IMG 8301Many will have seen obviously fit and healthy individuals riding them and even children, driving with their parents sat as passengers... a great example to be setting!

Mobility scooters can continue to go on the pavement but at a maximum speed of 4km per hour – the equivalent walking speed of a pedestrian.


red laneElectric scooters and Segways will be permitted to use the dedicated red bike lanes that run down the middle of the road, such as on the Avenida Europa, Jaime I or the newly added one on the Avenida Ametlla de Mar running alongside the Indoor market up towards Benidorm Palace.

SegwayUsers of both these will be required to wear a helmet and have public liability insurance, which when hiring them is usually included in the price. However, this insurance clause also applies to mobility scooters. For those renting one from any of the reputable companies here in Benidorm it is also generally included.

IMG 8306But there are many residents here in Benidorm that have bought their own and will therefore now need to ensure they have the correct insurance otherwise face a fine of up to €500. It is certainly no joke being hit by one! The next thing they need to do is ensure all cyclists also have insurance...


How it will be policed is anyone's guess though - the police don't seem able to catch the peamen or illegal cocktail sellers as it is!