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Tiki closed frontIt was exactly a year ago this week that Tiki Beach closed after years of legal wrangling between residents and the owners – a day many thought and hoped would never come. But fast forward and except for a few alterations, many wouldn’t notice the changes between what now stands in its place.

contained insideThe most notable difference is that there is now a rope around the top of the steps to contain people on the terrace instead of spilling out onto the street. For many Brits on holiday, it is one of the must go-to places during their stay here, to enjoy a drink with a view plus live music and most continue to refer to it as Tiki.

Frontline barsThe noise issue is a strange one, for walk down along the promenade and there is just as much coming from the likes of Daytona, Heartbreak or The Guinness Bar and all have residential apartments above! But during what is now deemed the low season, many bars, restaurants and hotels are closed, with many undergoing renovations. Most will be re-open in time for St Patrick’s Day – it actually falls on a Tuesday this year so no doubt the weekend before will be particularly busy.

New ropes

Tiki Beach crowds on steps



+1 #3 Robert Miller Snr 2020-02-19 13:31
Hopefully better toilet facilities
+1 #2 Matthew Whiteley 2020-02-19 13:30
At Least there is no noise at night..Jokers Bar takes the royal p### ..Noise all night and Generators running ..Rotton.. Something needs to be done
+1 #1 Debbie Ellershaw 2020-02-19 13:29
They need to sort their speakers out - the sound is dreadful, and take some tables away, they pack people in like sardines now. Never the less, if there's a space I'm in it!

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