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IMG 1138Due to the current ongoing roadworks in the centre of Benidorm, eleven bus routes have been temporarily diverted and are now running along part of the Levante promenade, as far as Avenida Europa where there are more temporary bus stops and includes the popular No 10 going all the way to Altea.

IMG 1137Temporary bus stops have been created on one side of Avenida Bilbao (with the Don Dino toy shop on the corner) and from there the buses turn down onto the front line, navigating a very sharp left turn. The promenade is exceptionally busy and many pedestrians appeared totally unaware, meandering slowly in the middle of the road and jumping out of the way at the last minute.

IMG 1141Jams appeared to quickly build up as delivery lorries double parked in front of bars to drop off stock or slowed down stuck behind pedal bikes or mobilty scooters. The buses on diversion include No 1,2 - to Carrefour and La Marina shopping centre, 4,5,6,10,11,14,16 to Guadalest, 18 to Fonts Algar waterfalls - both just once a day and No 30.

IMG 1139Remember that there has been a slight fare increase on the buses - a single journey regardless of distance is now €1.55 and on the No 16 & 18 it is €3.90 each way. They only take cash too unlike buses in the UK where you can only use contactless... the total opposite!