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podsThe long awaited online booking system for Benidorm beach will be up and running on Thursday, although at the moment only applicable for Levante and not Poniente or Mal Pas beaches. It is free, apart from the sunbed section, which still have to be paid for as normal - 5€ for sunbed and 5€ for the parasol.

entry exit pointsSo from Friday 17th July users will only be able to access the Levante beach if they have pre-booked a slot either online or via the mobile app and produce a ticket or QR reservation code. Alternatively, for those with no online or WiFi access then they can physically go to one of 3 booking stations along the length of Levante beach.

IMG 2636One is located at each end of the beach - cable ski and tourist info areas and another in the middle, at the bottom of Avenida Europa beside the hotel Cimbel.

At the moment there are 3 options: Morning – 9am until 3pm. Afternoon – 3pm until 9.30pm or all day.

lots of empty podsWith both Easyjet and Jet2 reinstating flights, it is likely more Brits will be arriving on top of the domestic Spanish holidaymakers who traditionally arrive for August. The all day option is currently available whilst the beach is not so busy, but may change as more visitors arrive in the resort over the coming weeks.

Levante shorelineOne plot can accommodate 4 adults – or if there is a child in the group up to 5. Green zones are for those over 60 and ´vulnerable´ people and blue for everyone else. When you leave the beach your plot is cancelled and becomes re-available again on the booking system.

informers and policeIt means a little bit of organisation is required but does ensure that everyone has there own allocated space... lets see how it all works out! After all, don´t we always get agitated when someone decides to plonk themselves literally right on top of you on the beach... this will at least stop that!

However, be aware that you can only book for the following day at the moment - whether this policy changes going forward is anyone´s guess.

Don´t forget your face mask, which you are required to wear to enter and leave the beach as you pass others. Without one you may well be refused entry even with a reservation.

To book a slot go to:



+1 #4 Victoria Louise 2020-07-15 10:43
I'm coming end of September so want to be all prepared. Can't wait to be back.
+1 #3 Maureen MacLeod 2020-07-15 10:42
Yeah forget it,nothing relaxing about this,too much stress you will need another holiday to get over it wouldn't be arsed with that.
-3 #2 Adam Graham 2020-07-15 10:40
It’s a little price to pay to get away I say! Is there any wonder they want people to book after what’s been happening in our country? The beaches in the uk have been getting rammed as soon as the sun comes out. Good on them for sorting a booking process. It’s more then our shite gov/councils can arrange. Then let’s not get on to our stance on face coverings. Talk about backtracking. Laughing stock
+1 #1 Donna Mains 2020-07-15 10:39
I think this is great!

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