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La CalaChristmas greetings from Benidorm… and what an unusual one it is for everyone this year.
The sad reality of this current worldwide pandemic is that the resort should have been bustling, but instead, it is a sad shadow of its former self with only a handful of hotels open.

Venus HotelDespite this, many have still made the effort to decorate their facades and entrances for those that are walking past, to put a little festive cheer on their faces. There are also lights, decorations and Christmas trees dotted around the resort and although in the daytime temperatures are still lovely, come sunset the thermometers plunge and it is definitely cold.

Tiki BeachUnlike many cities in the UK, bars can still open here, albeit there is an 11pm curfew, so those that are open are having to shut their doors by 10.30pm. On New Year’s Eve the curfew is extended to midnight, which in all honesty is neither use nor ornament as everyone will need to be back home as 2021 is chimed in.

No beach party along the Levante front this year… means we have to make next year’s even better!

Levante Cable SkiHow many would have guessed that when lockdown happened back in March, we would all still be reeling from the consequences 9 months on. Unfortunately, with the authorities currently only allowing Spanish nationals or those with residency to enter it may still be some time before any sense of normality returns.

Tapas AlleyA number of hotels are hoping to open for Easter, but that is very much dependant on the situation not only here but in the UK and indeed across the world.
It is inevitable that there will be casualties and sadly, some businesses will never re-open. It may take months or even years, but Benidorm will rise again. Maybe not quite as you remembered, but then you´ll be able to make new memories.

Wishing you all good health, for without it, we are nothing and that when the time is right, we´ll see you again.


Presidente hotel

Walking street

Hotel VictoriaNight lights