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IMG 8014Beer prices are still a fraction of what they are in the UK and you can easily find a pint here for just €1.50! That is one of the main draws to Benidorm and with the recent shocking UK newspaper headlines (unsurprisingly a tabloid) stating that the price of a pint could soar by 15 per cent by 2023, in London this could mean it would be £9! Truly scandalous and that will certainly entice even more over here!

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You will also notice many cafes tempting you in with chalkboards outside offering coffee, cake and a liqueur for as little at 1.80€ - that certainly is fantastic value, especially if it is not officially beer o´clock – although here, many would argue that it is never too early!

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Despite gradual rising prices, the good old English breakfast is still great value. You can easily find numerous Brit run places offering a fry up for between €3-4, so it´s hardly surprising many holiday makers go self- catering or book accommodation only. 

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The Corner Bar run by married couple Ash and Jaclyn is a firm favourite – he established a huge cult following during the lockdown with daily broadcasts from the resort and holidaymakers flock there for breakfast, Sunday roasts and their ´Fishy Friday´ specials. You´ll not be short of places if you want to stick to traditional Brit food but if you want to give tapas a go, head to the old town and calle Santo Domingo – otherwise referred to as Tapas Alley.

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Both cash and cards are readily accepted here but IF you are going to withdraw from an ATM, please do NOT use the stand alone ones located on the street, in bars or shops as the exchange rate offered is criminal in addition to a hefty commission. Go to a proper bank – there are plenty about.

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