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IMG 8467After a two-year hiatus, the highlight of Benidorm Pride week – the vibrant colourful parade, so missed by many, took place this afternoon (Saturday). Participants gathered at the Rincon end of the Levante promenade, ready for the departure shortly after 5pm.

IMG 8470The route took them along the beach front, cutting down by the Cimbel hotel then along the main avenida Mediterranneo and headed to the open air Julio Iglesias auditorium.

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Cars, vans, buses and lorries were converted into floats with mobile sound studio blasting out music to add to the carnival like atmosphere. Hundreds participated, going to great lengths dressing up in a multitude of colourful jaw dropping outfits.

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Feathers and sequins were in abundance plus plenty of very high heels – and those were just the men. There was a good deal of bare flesh on display, which really got the crowds clapping and cheering, who lined the entire route from the Rincon end of the Levante promenade up to the Auditorio Julio Iglesias.

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The vehicles were imaginatively decorated, with masses of balloons, ribbons and bunting in addition to music blaring, creating an electric Mardi Gras mood with onlookers joining in the dancing and celebrations.

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Many spectators dressed up too, waving flags, wearing garlands and face paint. It was certainly great to have the parade back again and the sun shone throughout. 

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