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IMG 8908The sensational annual Moors parade took place in Altea last night (Saturday 24th September) – with an array of stunning costumes and even more remarkable face painting. The entire parade lasted over 3 hours, one of the longest I have ever witnessed and it will all be repeated again on Monday evening (26 September), when it is the turn of the Christians.

IMG 8917The festival is celebrated every year in towns all over Spain, but particularly in this region of the Costa Blanca and celebrates the battles between the Moors (muslims) and Christians from the 8th to the 15th Century.


IMG 8900A band followed every group and there were also lots of choreographed dance routines in between, plus horses and even a camel this year.
Most of the costumes come from a supplier in Alcoy – around 100km inland from Altea, which is where the biggest Moors and Christians parade takes place.

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 They are hired out for the event and can easily cost over €100 for the day depending on the intricacy and accessories but this covers delivery, collection and cleaning of the garments. The detail of the painted faces was absolutely stunning - it must have taken hours to paint so many exactly the same for each of the groups. Something certainly to go and watch at least once. Benidorm will be holding their parade on Saturday, October 1st. 

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