Vox Pop - No Doom and Gloom in Benidorm

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In case you are wondering, "Vox Pop" is a term often referred to in the broadcasting and media world and means popular opinion as represented by informal comments from members of the public.Following Monday´s article in The Sun entitled "Benidoom" there has been a huge backlash from both residents and holiday makers in the resort.

Political peace in Benidorm

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After almost a year with no overall political control at Benidorm Town Hall - the PP have 11 seats, PSOE 11 seats and Liberals 3 therefore holding the balance of power, the vacum is no more.Gema Amor, leader of the CDL Liberals yesterday signed a pact with the Socialist Mayor Agustin Navarro which allows the Socialists to stay in power until 2015 and gives her the position as Deputy Mayor

On its knees... Benidorm says NO to The Sun newspaper article

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In today´s copy of "The Sun" there is a very sensational headline "Benidoom! Once a fave with Brits, now it´s on it´s knees" written by Graeme Culliford - this story is beyond inaccurate and I wish to point out the false and misleading impression it has cast over the resort.Yes Spain is suffering in the economic crisis, much like the rest of Europe.

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New residency requirements in Spain

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Under new rules which came into effect on 10th July 2012, EU citizens applying for residency in Spain may be required to produce evidence of sufficient financial means to support themselves (and dependants).  This new residency requirement is for those planning on living in Spain for more than 3 months and applies to all EU citizens - including Brits.

La Tomatina- THE tomato fight of the world

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Every year tens of thousands descend on the tiny town of Bunol for the anual tomato fight.. yes as in red and normally eaten in a salad or on pan catalan. Pan Catalan will be found in any Spanish Tapas bar or restaurant - its simple yet really delicious: lightly toasted bread on which you rub fresh garlic, drizzle on some olive oil then spread the tomato - yum!

BBC 2 research Spain´s dire economic situation

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The unemployment rate in Spain has soared in the second quarter to a record 24.6% - to date the maximum  was 24.5% which was reached in the first quarter of 1994. The official number of unemployed people increased by 53,000 to 5,693,100 - but as everyone knows, in reality tis figure is much higher due to those that work for black money and do not register on the social security system.

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Part time health centre in Albir

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More than 1600 residents that live in Albir have been forced to change doctors and health centre due to the "reorganization of of health care resources over the Summer period". The regional government has closed the Centro de Salud in Albir in the evenings and also removed one of the doctors and relocated him to the centre in Alfaz, forcing the residents to travel several kilometres from their homes to see a doctor.

British Consulate issues warning to Brits driving to Spain

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British holiday makers taking their cars to Spain this summer are being warned of the threat from motorway thieves who rob foreign plated vehicles and hire cars. British registered cars using motorways in Spain are proving an easy target for gangs who use a wide variety of scams to distract unsuspecting holiday makers and then steal their bags and belongings from their vehicles.The worse blackspot is the AP7 motorway between the French boarder

Pharmacies go on indefinite strike

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Sign in all pharmacy windowsPharmacies in the region will keep their shutters down as they go on an indefinite strike starting today, Monday 23rd July. They called off the previous strike which was planned for 9th July after Central Government promised to step in, but 15 days later the money promised has not materialized. This conflict has dragged on for months and Health Minister Luis Rosado promised a payment schedule to the

Aqua Natura Sea Lion show in Benidorm

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There are 2 water parks in Benidorm and often visitors are baffled as to which one to go to during their stay. Aqualandia is certainly bigger, has more slides and is great for the older kids or those that are more adventurous. However, if you have younger children, say under 12 or are not too keen on giant slides I would definitely recommend Aqua Natura - and I was surprised to discover a little secret there too ...

Terra Mitica in Benidorm - an appraisal

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It has been some years since my last visit to Terra Mitica, so off I went with 3 children last weekend (they were aged between 12 and 15 - yes brave I know, especially as 2 weren´t even mine). I was curious to see if there had been any changes since management of the park is now under the Aqualandia group and to also hear the opinions of my three charges.

Don´t be scammed when on holiday in Benidorm

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Due to the crippling economic situation, particularly in Spain where unemployment stands at 25% (50% for  youth) there has been a visible return of property conmen and time share/holiday club sellers along the Costa coastline. As you head down to the beach, obviously looking like a tourist you are being preyed upon by unscrupulous rep´s waiting to lure you in.

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