• Benidorm is a mecca for drink fuelled partying, attracting thousands of Brits every weekend. Sadly, numerous stories of drunken loutish behavior are being reported on a regular basis, of it must be said, a minority, but it is slowly ruining it for everyone. Mallorca is fed up with what they call ‘trash tourism’ and the antics taking place in Magaluf, which is destroying the image of the island. Last week a video was posted onto social media showing British and German thugs fighting on the streets, enraging local businesses and hoteliers. Officials have taken swift action and amended the Tourism Law, restricting how much alcohol can be served on all-inclusive package holidays… I wonder if it’s something that they will look at here in Benidorm?

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  • Benidorm police are starting to crack down on establishments for not complying with regulations - in particular with reference to noise pollution. The hospitality and nightlife business is extremely important to the economy of the resort, but there needs to be a balance with the rights of the residents too - not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. Many Brits come on holiday to Benidorm specifically because the alcohol is so much cheaper and the town is rife with Stag and Hens groups, something of a controversial issue with family groups.

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