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  • It was exactly a year ago this week that Tiki Beach closed after years of legal wrangling between residents and the owners – a day many thought and hoped would never come. But fast forward and except for a few alterations, many wouldn’t notice the changes between what now stands in its place. For many Brits on holiday, it is one of the must go-to places during their stay here, to enjoy a drink with a view plus live music and most continue to refer to it as Tiki.

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  • With the sun out, the beaches bustling and lack of beach police – who are not due to start until June, it is heaven for the illegal sellers, particularly on the busy Levante stretch. I spent a couple of hours on the promenade today, observing the comings and goings of these pedlars with sadly not much police presence. Up until 1pm there were at least a dozen but then there must be a shift change – which is probably known to these vendors as they suddenly all appeared. Some walk up and down between the sunbeds with coolbags, shouting Coca Cola, Fanta Limon, Cerveza. Aqua – but the ones that really concern me are those selling ‘cocktails’.

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  • Following an undercover operation lasting a number of months, the National Police have dismantled and arrested 14 members of a group linked to several bars and clubs in Benidorm. Those arrested were all of Spanish and Romanian nationality and ‘controlled’ the supply and sale of cocaine, hashish, marijuana, MDMA and ecstacy as well as other drugs on Avd Mallorca – better known to most as The Square. It will come as little surprise to many that club bouncers were in charge of controlling the square, using violence and intimidation on both suppliers and users.

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  • Like a game of ping ping, the on-going Tiki Beach saga continues! Residents of the Santa Margarita building, directly above the bar have been trying to have the bar closed down for what seems like years. Last June they won the case, on grounds of excessive noise at the Benidorm court but an appeal was quickly submitted to the Provincial Court in Alicante against that ruling. The verdict is back – Alicante have upheld the verdict.

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  • Despite a police raid in October on a number of British Bars that ran illegal gambling dens, Autonomous Police from Valencia dismantled a further two last Thursday following an inspection. It has obviously not deterred the owners who continue to take bets despite the risks.

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