• The now traditional annual ’Benidorm Bangers’ charity car rally - now in it's eighth year, arrived into the resort on Saturday afternoon, following an epic 1,500km drive. All but one of the 56 vehicles made it here to a rousing cheer and applause from disbelieving holidaymakers. The convoy had a police escort off the AP7 motorway and into the centre, thanks to Jaime from the White Lion, taking them down the Levante beachfront and parking up on Calle Bilbao. Everyone could then have a look at all the vehicles and take pictures - with some even getting in before all the participants went for some well-earned refreshments and food put on by the bar.

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  • The three day ‘Benidorm or Bust’ charity car rally, which started in Blackpool arrived in Benidorm this afternoon, parking up at the site of the outdoor market and incredibly only one died on-route. A few more had ‘technical issues’ but one of the two support vehicles accompanying the vehicles managed to fix these, allowing them to continue their journey. 156 customised cars took part in this incredible challenge – the eighth successive year that the event has taken place and the brainchild of Steve T from West Yorkshire. He spent months organizing and planning the route – which changes every year and guestimates that around £150,000 has been raised for charity! 

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  • When it comes to charity and great causes, no-one does it better than the expat community. This was evident last night as Benidorm Palace was packed to the rafters for the Help 4 Heroes/Elche Children´s Home fundraiser. Crowds were already waiting outside an hour before the doors even opened, eager to get a good seat and the chance to see the likes of Chesney Hawkes, Jimmy Cricket, Josh Daniels and Stacey Solomon.

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  • Her Majesty´s Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley paid a visit to Alicante yesterday – and had a very busy schedule, attending not one but two meetings. He arrived in Alicante on the AVE high speed train from the Embassy in Madrid, where he is based.

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  • Local cancer fundraiser Gary, from the Giving4Giving charity shop in La Nucia has a very special day planned on Sunday 15th September  - a Downhill Bike Ride! Don´t worry if you do not have one either - they can be provided free of charge thanks to the generosity of "The Downhill Bike Ride" company who are sponsoring the event.

  • Whilst we are snuggled up in our warm homes or apartments, looking out excitedly at the hailstones falling in Benidorm at the moment – or yesterday’s snow across Calpe, Javea and beyond, spare a thought for those that do not have that luxury… the homeless. Temperatures have plummeted over the last few days and that prompted Martin Kyme, President of Eco-Vida and his volunteers to reach out, to the often forgotten of our society. They went out - yesterday to Benidorm and today in Alicante, searching out for people sleeping in doorways, abandoned building and under bridges where they handed out blankets, food and hot drinks… all of whom where so appreciative. Many were just happy to have someone to chat to for a bit and receive some dry blankets in this awful weather.

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  • Every Thursday, Tony Grande heads up to Relleu to the Emaus home with a van load of goodies bought en-route – sadly not presents as such but essentials, like food, bought with money generously donated and raised by ex-pats. The economic crisis has hit everyone and no-one more so than the charities here.

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  • When it comes to charity fundraising, no one does it better than the Brits – and expats even more so. Animal charities always get a good turnout, especially with the Brits being a nation of animal lovers but topping that is support of our troops.
    On Sunday 4th October there will be an epic variety night at Benidorm Palace, with all proceeds going to the “Help for Heroes” charity and Elche Childrens Home.

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  • The fifth International Charities Fair took place today – an event organized by Pamela Dawson Tasker to bring together local charities and associations in the area. It took place next door to the popular Sunday rastro at El Cisne and so benefitting from the extra Sunday footfall.

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  • Christmas is a time for giving and no-one knows this more than one very exceptional local man – British expat Gary James. Gary is selfless when it comes to charity and has not one but two charity shops called “Giving4Giving”. The first is in La Nucia and the other in Altea, which he opened in March of this year. The main beneficiaries are usually small lesser-known cancer charities and he holds a number of fundraising events throughout the year. Two of the most popular are a sponsored dog walk and the downhill bike ride.

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  • If you were to ask the average person in the street what they know about the Masons, many would associate them with myths of funny handshakes, half a trouser leg rolled up and jigging around in an apron. The Masons are a worldwide organisation that have been going for nearly 300 years and one of the basic principles and a very important aspect for them is charity work. After the UK Lottery Fund, which is the number one charity contributor in the UK, the Masons come second!

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  • Many have been watching the Channel 5 documentary series “Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun” with avid interest over the last few weeks – and one face that most Beni lovers will instantly recognize is that of Wayne Edward Bellamy-Wright aka Miss Levi. Well the Queen is back after a well deserved break - Miss Levi the epitome of entertainment is once again packing the crowds in night after night.

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  • This Autumn, the mother of all fundraisers ´Aid The Costas´ will be taking place in Benidorm spread across 2 days – Sunday 2 October and Monday 3 October. This event has been organised by 2 incredible ladies - Casey Shaddock a veteran charity event organiser and Christine Climent, owner of Benidorm Place, the venue for this extravaganza. Performing will be 60´s legends Herman´s Hermits, The Fortunes, Paul Da Vinci and Leo Sayer!

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  • Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun is back on our screens and last weeks episode featured the incredible work done by expat Linda Jean - Facebook page 'For the Love of Dogs and Cats'. Viewers were left on tenterhooks as the episode finished last week, with puppy Donny seriously ill at the vets....get your tissues at the ready. Plus you will see other Brits who have made the move here and their story - might even tempt you!

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  • At last – the Benidorm boys can be seen in all their glory… but it´s all in aid of a very worthy cause! Wayne, aka Miss Levi is hugely revered and respected for all the fundraising work that he does in the community – especially for Emaus. Another great champion is Paul of Foley´s Bar and so these two admired advocates, together with partners Des and Jackie have joined forces, and ideas, to produce a fantastic charity calendar, which is now available to buy.

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