• Many come here to Benidorm for the nightlife and to party and we thank you all for choosing this wonderful place that over the years has become home to us expats. The entertainers are second to none as most will have experienced, with a huge selection of acts to suit every taste – from tribute acts to singers and comedians. The list is endless and each is 100% professional, giving it their all each evening. Many probably think what a great life they have, working a few hours in the evening and basically lounging around all day. Perhaps some do and good luck to them, however there is one in particular that I feel warrants a special mention as he does anything but – Colin Brown or as many will know him by his alter ego Miss Coco Chanel – Queen of Visual Comedy.

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  • Yesterday afternoon the first of a number of scheduled auditions took place here in Benidorm, looking for who may be the next potential winner of “Britain’s Got Talent 2018”, which is broadcast on national television! Teams are here in the resort, having arrived on Tuesday afternoon, to record acts to take back to London for the production crew to view.
    This year, the nations’ favourite talent show, broadcast on ITV is casting it’s net further afield in its search for talent – and they couldn’t have chosen a better place. Traditionally teams search across the UK but for the very first time ever they have come abroad and Benidorm was chosen, in part due to it’s high concentration of British expats.

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  • WHEN IT comes to drag shows in Benidorm, Miss Coco Chanel is often referred to as the "Queen of Visual Comedy" - and it´s not hard to see why, performing an amazing 12 costume changes within a spectacular one hour show! The man behind the many faces of Coco is Colin Brown – a funny, energetic and extremely talented artiste. He performs a full mime comedy drag show – with emphasis on the mime as he readily admits his voice would empty a room in 10 seconds flat!

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